Tuning syslog/Syslog reporting/Syslog enhancement/replacements

Tuning syslog/Syslog reporting/Syslog enhancement/replacements

Post by Adam Prat » Sun, 17 Sep 1995 04:00:00


        I have been investigating using syslog's logging facilities. I have
currently set up our network to log to a central logging host. In my
preliminary attempts, I have set up syslog to dump everything to a single file,
which gets messy. I've sorted out the files now, and I have noticed that
certain applications such as telnetd and ftpd write to the LOG_MAIL facility.
Is there
a way to alter the logging facility that they report to, or will I have to have
modified binaries to handle this? I'm mostly concerned with our AIX machines
but we also have HPUX, Sunos/Solaris, and OSF. I could very well have it dump
information and sort out the data based on rules I develop using
sed/awk/perl/grep (whatever), But it would be nicer if it were done by
syslog/programs writing to syslog.

        Also, is anyone familiar with any other logging utilities? I would be grateful
for some help/advice or some pointers to where to find this information.

Thanks for your help.



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Could anyone tell me whats the difference between syslog.* files.Are
they differ based on timestamp or something else.
I mean for today's syslogs, system uses syslog.0, for tommorrow's
syslog it uses syslog.1,is it?

Thanks for your help,

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