Anyone heard of ActivCard Networks Inc?

Anyone heard of ActivCard Networks Inc?

Post by Daniel R Ehrli » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I got some information from an outfit named ActivCard Networks Inc.  They
sell an X9.9 token generator that looks to be reasonable (both from a price
standpoint and software).  Another plus for ActivCard is that the source
code for the software is available under a non-disclosure agreement.

If anyone has any experience with the ActivCard I would like to hear about
your experiences.  Unlike SecureID the token never expires, just need to
replace the batteries every couple of years.

Dan Ehrlich

P.S. ActivCard's particulars:

        ActivCard Networks Inc
        241 Mississippi Street
        San Francisco, CA   94107
        +1 415 626 5842/+1 415 626 6524 FAX

        145, rue Jean-Jaques Rousseau
        92138 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex, France
        +33 1 41 08 33 33/+33 1 41 08 33 00 FAX
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1. Ever heard of Vektron Systems Inc.?

I gave them an order for 4 Supra modems.  Two months later, I still
do not have them.  I have had to call them 25 times (no kidding!).
Do not use them.  Their follow-up customer service is terrible.

IF you have already placed an order, Kathy at x124 will help you
more then most.  They are not worth the lower prices !!!

: >I just got a quote from a company called Vektron International ...
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: They are here in Dallas.  (Sometimes I'm in Dallas instead of LA.)  They
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