Restricting user access to directories

Restricting user access to directories

Post by Michael van Bokhov » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Okay, here's a newbie-type question - hope this isn't an utterly
stupid place to post it, but it's to do with Unix (well, Linux) and

Basically, I want to restrict several users to a certain part of the
file structure. This is really for FTP access, but it doesn't matter
if this is universal. I've created the users etc, they point to the
right directories, but it always appears in the FTP client as a full
path, and the users could simply CD back and wander round the
structure at will. Ideally, the initial directories would look to
these users like the root directory - no go any lower.

I'm sure it's simple. I've found plenty of resources that looked
promising, but nothing that's solved this for me yet! Argh. If anyone
can give me a bit of help here, I'd be really grateful.

Mike VB