SSRT2316 Sec. Vulnerability in DNS and resolver lib's (rev.11)

SSRT2316 Sec. Vulnerability in DNS and resolver lib's (rev.11)

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 **REVISED 11**
 Originally issued: 12 August 2002
 Last revised: 02 July 2003
 SSRT2316 Sec. Vulnerability in DNS and resolver lib's (rev.11)

NOTICE: There are no restrictions for distribution of this
Bulletin provided that it remains complete and intact.

The information in the following Security Bulletin should be
acted upon as soon as possible.  Hewlett-Packard Company will
not be liable for any consequences to any customer resulting
from customer's failure to fully implement instructions in this
Security Bulletin as soon as possible.


PROBLEM: Potential buffer overflows in DNS resolver libraries.

 **REVISED 11**
PLATFORM: HP-UX releases B.10.10, B.10.20, B.10.24 (VVOS),
 -->      B.11.00, B.11.04 (VVOS), B.11.11 and B.11.22.

IMPACT: Potential unauthorized access, denial of service.

SOLUTION: Until a product upgrade is available, download and
          install appropriate preliminary updates and the
          appropriate preliminary or final patches.

                Install the applicable upgrades and patches
                listed in the "Recommended solutions"
                section (below).

AVAILABILITY:  The depots are available now.
               BIND9.2.0 is available now. (for B.11.11)
               BIND-920 is available now. (for B.11.00)
               BIND812 is available now. (for B.11.00)
               The preliminary patches (depot files) are
               available only from the ftp site (below) at
               this time.
               The following are available from the itrc:
                 PHCO_27882 for B.10.24 (VVOS)
                 PHNE_27795 for B.11.00
                 PHNE_28450 for B.11.11.
               This bulletin will be updated when a
               product upgrade is available. This bulletin
               will also be updated when solutions for
               other vulnerable products are available.

CHANGE SUMMARY: Rev.01 -  Added Bind-8.1.2. and libnss_dns
                Rev.02 -  A patch was incorrectly listed,
                          PHNE_27647.depot is the correct number.
                          New version available,
                Rev.03 -  Added Bind-4.9.7 info. for B.11.00.
                Rev.04 -  Added Bind-4.9.7 info. for B.10.20.
                Rev.05 -  Added libc information for B.10.20.
                Rev.06 -  Corrected "strings" to "strings -a"
                Rev.07 -  Added B.11.04 and B.10.24 info.
                Rev.08 -  BIND9.2.0 version
                          Updated to latest patches.
                          Added B.10.10 information.
                Rev.09 -  BIND812 version B.
                          BIND-920 version B.
                          Added PHNE_27796 for B.11.11.
                          Removed PHNE_27647.depot for B.11.11.
                          Clarified 10.10 information.
                          Added CERT VU#738331 information.
                Rev.10 -  Added PHNE_27795 for B.11.00.
                          Removed PHNE_27646.depot for B.11.00.
                          Added PHNE_28450 for B.11.11.
                          Removed PHNE_27794.depot for B.11.11.
                          Added note that both client and server
                          systems are affected.
                Rev.11 -  Clarified that BIND9.2.0 version
                 is subsequent to
                          Added CERT VU#852283 and VU#229595
                          Added discussion of vulnerable
                          B.11.00 and B.11.11 versions.
                          Added CAUTION note about switching
                          between web upgrade and base os
                          versions of bind.
                          Added AFFECTED VERSIONS section.
                          Added B.11.22 information.

 A. Background

 **REVISED 11**
 --> CERT advisory CA-2002-19, CERT VU#738331, CERT VU#852283, and
 --> CERT VU#229595 report vulnerabilities which may affect
 --> products on HP-UX and VVOS.

    Note: These fixes should be applied to all systems using
          DNS, including those systems with client programs only.

 --> Notes on Bind Versions (B.11.00 and B.11.11)
 --> =============================================

 --> Bind is available on B.11.00 and B.11.11 as part of
 --> the base operating system and as a web upgrade.
 --> Both versions (base os and web upgrade) may be
 --> installed on a system simultaneously.  Only one
 --> version can be active.  The active version can
 --> be changed via a script.

 --> The base os versions are updated via patches.  The
 --> web upgrade versions are updated by installing a
 --> later web upgrade.  The web upgrade versions are
 --> not patched.

 --> If a web upgrade version is active it is not possible
 --> to patch the base os version.  It is necessary to
 --> switch to the base os version with the following
 --> command before applying the patch:

 -->   /usr/bin/enable_inet -r bind

 --> If you are running a web upgrade version and do not
 --> intend to re-enable the base os version, it is not
 --> necessary to patch the base os version.  However,
 --> since the base os version can be re-enabled with
 --> the script, you may want to patch the base os version
 --> even though it is not active.  Similarly, if you have
 --> installed a web upgrade version and have switched
 --> back to the base os version, you may want to update
 --> to the latest web upgrade version or use swremove(1)
 --> to remove the web upgrade version entirely.

 --> Identifying the Active Version (B.11.00/B.11.11)
 --> ================================================

 --> Execute the following command:

 -->    what /usr/sbin/named | grep named

 --> The bind version will be on the named line.
 --> For example:

 -->     named 9.2.0 Thu Jul 18 11:58:39 GMT 2002

 --> Identifying the Web Upgrade Version (B.11.00/B.11.11)
 --> =====================================================

 --> If the file /usr/contrib/bind/usr/sbin/named exists,
 --> execute the following:

 -->    what /usr/contrib/bind/usr/sbin/named | grep named

 --> The bind version will be on the named line.

 --> The following is a list by HP-UX revision of
 --> affected filesets and the fileset revision or
 --> patch containing the fix.  To determine if a
 --> system has an affected version, search the
 --> output of "swlist -a revision -l fileset"
 --> for an affected fileset, then determine if
 --> a fixed revision or the applicable patch is
 --> installed.
 --> HP-UX B.11.22
 --> =============
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS2-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_27841.depot
 --> fix: PHNE_27842.depot
 --> HP-UX B.11.11
 --> =============
 --> fix: must upgrade
 --> bind.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: must upgrade
 --> fix: revision or
 -->      revision B. and subsequent
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_28450 and subsequent
 --> fix: PHNE_27796 and subsequent
 --> HP-UX B.11.04
 --> =============
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_28415 and subsequent
 --> fix: PHNE_27881.depot
 --> HP-UX B.11.00
 --> =============
 --> fix: revision B. and subsequent
 --> fix: revision B. and subsequent
 --> bind.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: must upgrade
 --> upgrade_bind812.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: must upgrade
 --> fix: must upgrade
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_27793.depot
 --> fix: PHNE_27795 and subsequent
 --> HP-UX B.10.24
 --> =============
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_27879.depot
 --> OS-Core.C-MIN
 --> ProgSupport.PROG-AUX
 --> ProgSupport.PROG-MIN
 --> fix: PHCO_27882 and subsequent
 --> HP-UX B.10.20
 --> =============
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_27792.depot
 --> OS-Core.C-MIN
 --> ProgSupport.PROG-MIN
 --> ProgSupport.PROG-AUX
 --> fix: PHCO_26152.depot
 --> HP-UX B.10.10
 --> =============
 --> InternetSrvcs.INETSVCS-RUN
 --> fix: PHNE_27792.depot
 --> fix: libc.1.1010, libc.a.1010

 --> Note:  The Security Patch Check tool examines patches to
 -->        determine whether a system is vulnerable.  Therefore,
 -->        if the base o/s version of bind is not patched
 -->        as described in this bulletin, the Security Patch
 -->        Check tool will report that fact even if the
 -->        web upgrade version is active.  The Security
 -->        Patch Check tool will not examine the web upgrade
 -->        versions of bind.

 B. Recommended solution

 **REVISED 11**

 --> CAUTION: If you have installed a web upgrade, the Base OS
 -->          version remains on the system.  This command:
 -->             "/usr/bin/enable_inet -r bind"
 -->          restores the Base OS version.  The Base OS version
 -->          cannot be patched while the web upgrade version is
 -->          enabled.  After reverting to the Base OS version
 -->          you should verify that it is properly patched as
 -->          described below.

     The following preliminary fixes are available:

      HP-UX B.10.10

       PHNE_27792.depot s700_800 10.10/10.20 Bind 4.9.7 components
       libc.1.1010, libc.a.1010 10.10 libc files

      HP-UX B.10.20

       PHNE_27792.depot s700_800 10.10/10.20 Bind 4.9.7 components
       PHCO_26152.depot s700_800 10.20 libc

     HP-UX B.10.24

      PHNE_27879.depot s700_800 10.24 (VVOS) BIND 4.9.7 components
      PHCO_27882: s700_800 10.24 (VVOS) libc

     HP-UX B.11.00 Bind 9.2.0

       BIND-920 version B. or
       subsequent from
      PHNE_27795 s700_800 11.00 libnss_dns

     HP-UX B.11.00 Bind 8.1.2

       BIND812 version B.  or
       subsequent from
      PHNE_27795 s700_800 11.00 libnss_dns

     HP-UX B.11.00 Bind 4.9.7

       PHNE_27793.depot s700_800 11.00 Bind 4.9.7 components
      PHNE_27795 s700_800 11.00 libnss_dns

     HP-UX B.11.04

       PHNE_28415 s700_800 11.04 (VVOS) Bind 4.9.7 components
       PHNE_27881.depot s700_800 11.04 (VVOS) libnss_dns

 **REVISED 11**
     HP-UX B.11.11 Bind 9.2.0
       BIND9.2.0 version or
       subsequent from
 -->   Note: is subsequent to
 -->         However, in order to install
 -->         on a system with, the
 -->         "-x allow_downdate=true" option to swinstall
 -->         must be used.
       PHNE_27796 s700_800 11.11 libnss_dns

     Note: BIND9.2.0 version also corrects
           potential problems reported in CERT advisory

     HP-UX B.11.11 Bind 8.1.2

       PHNE_28450 s700_800 11.11 Bind-8.1.2 patch
       PHNE_27796 s700_800 11.11 libnss_dns

 **REVISED 11**
 --> HP-UX B.11.22
 --> =============

 --> PHNE_27841.depot s700_800 11.22 Bind 9.2.0 components
 -->      AND
 --> PHNE_27842.depot s700_800 11.22 libnss_dns DNS backend patch

    Note: The files mentioned below can be downloaded from
          the following site.  This site is temporary and
          will be removed when the fixes become available
          from the itrc.

        System:  (
        Login:     bind
        Password:  bind1

        FTP Access:
                or: ftp://bind:bi...@
        file: upgrade_bind812_v4.depot.gz

        Note: There is an ftp defect in IE5 that may result in
               a browser hang.  To work around this:
      - Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
      - Un-check the option: [ ] Enable folder view for FTP sites

    Download and install the appropriate preliminary patch
    from the ftp site listed above:

      PHNE_27792.depot s700_800 10.10/10.20 Bind 4.9.7 components
      PHCO_26152.depot s700_800 10.20 libc patch
      PHNE_27879.depot s700_800 10.24 (VVOS) BIND 4.9.7 components
      PHNE_27793.depot s700_800 11.00 Bind 4.9.7 components
      PHNE_28415 s700_800 11.04 (VVOS) Bind 4.9.7 components
      PHNE_27881.depot s700_800 11.04 (VVOS) libnss_dns
 **REVISED 11**
 -->  PHNE_27841.depot s700_800 11.22 Bind 9.2.0 components
 -->  PHNE_27842.depot s700_800 11.22 libnss_dns DNS backend patch

     Note: If you wish to verify the md5 sum and you do not
           have a copy of md5, please refer to:
               Patch sums and the MD5 program
     Note: Using your itrc account security bulletins can be
          found here:

     MD5 (PHNE_27792.depot) = 613aa5827f0b4df4f51188857b5834d0
     cksum 4143672841 696320 PHNE_27792.depot

     MD5 (PHCO_26152.depot) = fbd411fb4ca5f392722415868ee8b6cb
     cksum 2238979170 9676800 PHCO_26152.depot

     MD5 (PHNE_27879.depot) = 90a570964b5cf48dadcd427f69bfdd16
     cksum 2889539873 747520 PHNE_27879.depot

     MD5 (PHNE_27793.depot) = 6f0f0f34c7a51688f6506c56da636689
     cksum 4222745255 675840 PHNE_27793.depot

     MD5 (PHNE_28415) = b07cd934bdcac2bf9cdfcbb2b44644de
     cksum 1939013995 973906 PHNE_28415

     MD5 (PHNE_27881.depot) = d53a774092f72e98cb62607b5882b576
     cksum 1828722320 61440 PHNE_27881.depot

 **REVISED 11**
 --> MD5 (PHNE_27841.depot) = dbbe040f588fe5cda6dff7e7b01ee771
 --> cksum 1903813808 27770880 PHNE_27841.depot

 --> MD5 (PHNE_27842.depot) = 79958aa9fdd13614c0564ef60e121ba9
 --> cksum 73665367 266240 PHNE_27842.depot

     Note: On 10.10 and 10.20 the DNS API is contained in libc.
           Programs which make DNS calls and are linked with
           libc.a must be relinked.
           Programs which are linked with ".a" libraries
            are statically linked.
           Statically linked programs may be tested as follows:

      strings -a suspect_program | grep "Too many addresses (%d)"

           If the program contains the string it may make
           DNS API calls and should be relinked with the
           fixed version of libc.a.

    Download libc.1.1010 and libc.a.1010 from the ftp
    site mentioned above.

     MD5 (libc.1.1010) = 87be3ba33250be16ad39345ed38f9875
     cksum 1642516484 1716224 libc.1.1010
     MD5 (libc.a.1010) = b680e1861a4b3ea4fc8fe55da63d62d2
     cksum 4179986886 2280612 libc.a.1010

     Install on B.10.10 as follows:

           1. Go to init state 2.  Copy libc.1.1010 and
              libc.a.1010 to a secure directory such as /.

           2. cd /usr/lib
              /usr/sbin/cp libc.1 libc.1.orig
              /usr/sbin/cp /libc.1.1010 libc.1
              /usr/sbin/cp libc.a libc.a.orig
              /usr/sbin/cp /libc.a.1010 libc.a

           3. Reboot the system.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

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