Can i see the Network IP Address of the same Network domain.

Can i see the Network IP Address of the same Network domain.

Post by Sunyoung CHO » Sun, 03 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I Use the Virtual Network.
Can i See the IP Address in the the same Network domain ( Same Switching
Hub )

please tell me Unix command of Search all IP in the Network domain

waiting for Answer.~


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I know this newsgroup gets overwhelmed lately with questions about
PPP under Solaris, so I hope some of you still have energy to answer
this one.

I got the SunSolve Document infodoc/11976. In section 3.6 of this
document ( describing net-to-net ) it is clearly written that the
proposed config does NOT work if both parties share the same network
portion of the IP address.

So my question is, what has to change if both have the same network
portion of the IP address ?

Thanks in advance.


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