Security Dynamics ACE authorisation checking from Perl

Security Dynamics ACE authorisation checking from Perl

Post by Nigel Metheringh » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have a need for a perl interface to the Security Dynamics
authentication library routines sd_check(), sd_next() & sd_pin().

I'm about to go off an implement these, but if someone has done
the work and is willing to share it I would be very happy
to take a copy from them :-).

[For those who don't know, Security Dynamics make an access
control product based on a card which generates time synched
psuedo-random numbers.  You then login using your username
with a password based on the current card code.  Security Dynamics
provide a library to interface with their stuff, but I need
to check codes from within Perl, so need a Perl module to
interface to their C API].



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: Here is an interesting paper describing the weaknesses of the ACE
: server.
: The paper is also available via Ftp from:
: Enjoy
: G.

That's nice, however, you shouldn't have posted the WHOLE 600K POSTSCRIPT
FILE to these newsgroups.  I'm just lucky I was reading on a break at
work instead of reading from home over a modem.  Posting large binaries
(and a PostScript file is a binary for usenet purposes) is extremely
poor net ettiquite.  Remember, not everyone has a T1 line and large
binaries have been known to get groups dropped from a low-bandwidth
news sight.

If you feel the need to post a binary/postscript file, find one of the
binaries newsgroups, post it there, and tell people here that you
posted it.  It's already on an ftp sight so you didn't need to post
it anyway.


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