Web Vulnerability Scanner

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Post by Bud » Mon, 02 Dec 2002 14:50:48

Web Hack Control Center (WHCC)  is a cool windows based scanner that uses
some of the vulnerabilites that is in the UNIX whisker program. Has over
1500 vulnerabilities in the database.

Pick it Up Here: http://www.ussysadmin.com/

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1. FREE Web Server Vulnerability Scanner

Web Hack Control Center is a Web Server Vulnerability scanner. This
application gives you the means to identify which security vulnerabilities
exist on your web servers by scanning them for the most popular server
exploits. This tool contains a database of thousands of exploits for a
variety of web servers. This release has 600+ more exploits than the last.
This tool can also act as your primary web browers. A Scanner and Web
Browser wrapped up into one.

Home: http://www.ussysadmin.com

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