Looking for encryption suggestions

Looking for encryption suggestions

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Harvard Medical School is building a data warehouse, containing data to be
extracted and uploaded from several administrative systems.  The platform for
the data warehouse will be a Sybase (SQL Server) data base running on an HP9000
(HP-UX) server.  Primary access will be via a client-server front end built
with Uniface, running on Windows machines (486s) and Macs.  Network transport
will be TCP/IP running over Ethernet.  Files will be transferred to the server
using FTP.  There will be ad hoc access to the data base via a query tool or
report writer, to be selected.

We are required to implement encryption on all packets travelling over the
network, including the 3 primary areas:
€  FTP transfer
€  Query tool access
€  Uniface front end access

Kerberos or other authentication services are not required, although we are
willing to implement them in order to get encryption.

We are willing to run Sybase Open Client either on the client machines or on
the server (I believe it has to run somewhere).  

Does anybody have some ideas on how to do some or all of this?


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I have script/batch files that I am giving to a client for his use.  I want
the scripts/batch files to be executable but not readable.  So I am thinking
of encrypting it and decrypting it before execution.

The problem is this: by decrypting it, I have to store it in a temp file.
Anybody familiar with a computer would be able to find that temp file and
read it (especially on UNIX systems).

Is there a way to decrypt it into MEMORY and execute it from there (or
something like that)?  Or can I somehow encrypt the scripts while keeping
them executable?  I am aware that 4dos' batchcom (or something to that effect)
is able to encrypt batch files but I don't know how it procedes to decrypt
and execute it (or is it executable in the encrypted form).

I don't care whether I can execute the file directly or have to call another
program to decrypt and then execute it.  
I.e "my_file" or "decrypt_and_execute  my_file" would both be acceptable.

Any SPECIFIC informations/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I'm am working on UNIX platform right now but might port it onto DOS
    eventually so info on both platforms are welcome.

Thanx for your help!

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