Seeking security engineers

Seeking security engineers

Post by Mid Wals » Wed, 02 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking for qualified engineers to design and implement Internet
solutions for businesses in New England.  

Specific responsiblities will include installing and configuring firewalls
and virus protection products; executing automated security tests,
analyzing and presenting test results to clients; and auditing company
security policies and practices.

UNIX expertise is required, as well as an understanding of security
practices, and familiarity with products such as Checkpoint, Gauntlet,
Raptor, or Internet Security Scan.

My company, Charter Systems,  provides network services and support to over
250 customers nationwide; we have a rapidly growing Internet business.  A
privately held company founded in 1986, we employ over 70 engineers and
roughly 30 sales and administrative staff. We have recently outgrown our
offices in Waltham, MA (having grown at 60% per year for the past 3 years)
and will be moving next week to Newton, MA.  

Charter is a also a GREAT place to work !  Please let me know if you  meet
above qualifications and would like to talk about joining us.


Mid Walsh
Manager, Internet Business Unit

Charter Systems, Inc.
60 First Avenue
Waltham, MA   02154
617-672-8498 (voice)
617-672-8484 (fax)


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for pre/post sales support.  The Unix Engineer will help make

sales presentations and configure client systems throughout the greater

boston area (some east coast travel). Storage and/or Database expertise

a plus.

For immediate consideration, please forward straight TEXT version of

resume via return email or FAX formatted resume to (800) 547-4794.


Chris Pritchard
(800) 547-4784 voice
(800) 547-4794


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