Alpha/Beta Testers for System Security Scanner

Alpha/Beta Testers for System Security Scanner

Post by Christopher Kla » Wed, 22 May 1996 04:00:00

!!! Request for Alpha/Beta Testers !!!

System Security Scanner (3S)

This tool is intended to be loaded on individual workstations and test
the system for known security vulnerabilities.  An administrator gets
a detailed report with possible corrective actions as options.

We are looking for people to help test our software and provide the
following feedback:

        o Bugs in our code
        o Known vulnerabilities that we are missing currently
        o Suggestions for future improvements
        o Test on new platforms
        o Enhancements and added modules to our current project

If you would like to join the alpha/beta tester team, please apply by
filling out the form at
Once you have applied, you will be put on a mailing list where the
appropriate URL to obtain the 3S binaries will be announced.

Currently it works on SunOs 4.1.3, Solaris2.5, and Linux.

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1. Security Scanner beta testers wanted


        I have written a security scanner called
Nessus (, which was at the beginning
only working under Linux, and which is released under the GPL.
I have worked on it, and now it should also run under FreeBSD,
NetBSD and solaris, although I can not check this since I do not
have those operating systems at home.

So, I need beta testers who would try to compile Nessus under
NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD and Solaris, as well as to use it
on their own intranets.

For those who don't know what Nessus is (you must be a lot :),
here are its main features:

- multihost testing : Nessus does not test a single computer, but
  a whole subnet

- multithreading : Nessus is able to test as many hosts as you want at
  the same time

- plugin support : every attack is implemented as a plugin instead of
  being hardcoded

- client-server system : Nessus is made up of a client and a server.
  The server actually attacks the network whereas the client displays
  the results to the user.

- easy-to-use graphical interface : the client is an X11 application
  based on GTK (a Java client is available at
  which clearly reports the holes of a given intranet.

Nessus currently provides about 60 different attacks (DoS, CGI abuses,
remote file access and so on)

Thanks for trying it out, I really need to know if it works under
operating systems, and which ones.

                -- Renaud

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