Learn OSF Technology at the OSF/DCE Conference

Learn OSF Technology at the OSF/DCE Conference

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Dear Colleague:

If you or your organization are responsible for designing, implementing, deploying, administering or managing distributed systems, the OSF Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) will impact your career.  Whether your enterprise develops software product
s, custom develops or builds applications for internal use, DCE is creating exciting new opportunities for individuals and organizations.  

To find out more about this exciting new technology , you are invited to attend:

FEBRUARY 27, 1995

This conference being held in conjunction with Software World USA--Taking Charge of Technology offers in-depth technical information on DCE as well as the issues surrounding the deployment of DCE across your organization.  Corporations will candidly shar
e with you their practical user experiences and compare and contrast vendor approaches.


For PRIORITY HANDLING please use the code FYFER01 in your subject line to receive this bonus.  Our information-packed brochure will be sent to you via US Mail, so be sure to include your conventional mailing address as well as your phone number and FAX n


Harold Lockhart
Conference Chairperson

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Dear Colleague:

If you or your organization are responsible for designing, implementing, deploying, administering or € € ?New Roman


1. OSF DCE Developers Conference (DHCQM12)

The only official OSF-sponsored DCE Developers Conference in 1994!.
OSF announces a brand new conference:
The OSF DCE Developers Conference
This will be held in Boston, MA on August 29-31, 1994.

Featured Speakers Include:  
Roger Gourd, OSF
John Rymer, Patricia Seybold Group
Alfred Spector, Transarc
Nathan Motron, O.E.C.
Hal Lockhart, Onsett Intl
Jonathan Chintz, IntelliSoft
Art Olbert, IBM

FREE book offer to all conference attendees!
OSF DCE: Guide to Developing Distributed Applications- .signed by the
author, Harold W. Lockhart, Jr. (a $100.00 value!)

Register and make payment by July 15, 1994 and we will send you the
book prior to the conference so that you can be better prepared for your
continuing education on the DCE

We have just added the following One Day Special Seminars to the
Sunday, August 28, 9:00am- 5:00 pm, choose one:
- Introduction to Developing Distributed Applications Using OSF DCE
- OSF DCE Features and Functionality

Thursday, September 1, 9:00am- 5:00pm, choose one:
- The Strategic Advantage of DCE
- Writing and ACL Manager

The Solutions Showcase which features hands-on demonstrations of
DCE-based products. Participating companies will display their
products capabilities to interoperate over a wide rang of diverse
computing environments. Solutions Showcase to feature:
AT&T Global Information Solutions
Bull Information Systems
Digital Equipment Corp.
Gradient Technologies, Inc.
HaL Computer Systems
IBM Corporation
Open Environment Corp
SunSoft Corp.
Transarc Corp.

Whether you are a new or experienced DCE user, developer or vendor
this skill-building event is one you and members of your organization
should not miss.

We have a twenty page brochure covering the full three day
conference.  The brochure includes information on the three day
conference tracks: DCE Technology , DCE Deployment , DCE Success
Stories, and DCE  Product/Tools.

We will send this brochure via USMail, so be sure to include your
conventional mailing address.  If you give us your telephone and fax
number, you are sure to be kept up to date about last minute speaker
additions as well as a free reception that will take place during the

For your copy of our brochure, with information on registration, please
respond to our Compuserve Account Number:

your subject line for best service.

RSVP OSF DCE Members, Partners, Vendors, Developers and
Marketers: Let us know what your interest is in OSF DCE:  Would your
DCE Team be interested in Team Discounts -Call for Team Discount

Please pass this message onto your colleagues and let them know about
this exciting event!

To register or receive more information call (800) 767-2336. International
requests please call (508) 474-9258.

Exhibitor Information please call (508) 470-3870.

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7. OSF DCE User & Developer Conference- August 5-7, 1996, Boston, MA.


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