Problem running 'waisq' in 'chroot' file system

Problem running 'waisq' in 'chroot' file system

Post by Dmitry Mish » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: The obvious answer is that I forgot to include something critical
: within the 'chroot' portion of the file system.  Unfortunately 'waisq'
: doesn't produce any error-messages indicating that it didn't find some
: critical file.  It produces normal-looking output indicating that it
: read the proper files, which contain nothing useful.

Do you build index within chroot too and use local search?
If not, then there are probably test for file existence (ir/irsearch.c)


1. 'sh' after 'chroot'

I was trying to create a guest user and I do not want this user to
move around other than the 'guest' directory.  I read a section in
'Unix Administration Guide for System V' by Rebecca Thomas & Rik
Farrow, on 'A restricted Environment for Guests'.  In this section,
there is a 'c' program which can be used as a 'startup' script (define
in /etc/passwd) for the guest login.  In this 'c' program, it
basically does the following:

        chdir to /usr/restrict/guest
        chroot to use /usr/restrict/ as base directory
        set uid and gid
        execl shell to get shell prompt
        then, executive /etc/profile which is  in the /usr/restrict

I followed the instructions step by step, but when the program
executed the 'chroot' command, it couldn't proceed to execute:
'execl ("/bin/sh","-sh",0)'.  Once the program run till this command
it got 'killed'.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.
Y. Wei

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