DNS Server

DNS Server

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DNS Server

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I don't know what this has to do with UNIX security, but anyway:

   $ whois aol.com

   America Online (AOL-DOM)
      12100 Sunrise Valley Drive
      Reston, VA 20191

      Domain Name: AOL.COM


      Domain servers in listed order:


[more snip]


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1. if DNS server was Windows based what DNS server software is avail?

WSM> And what is "Unices" ;)

JdeBP> I assume that the emoticon indicates disingenuousness on your part.
JdeBP> After all, a 10 second search of the World Wide Web with one's favourite
JdeBP> search engine will turn up a definition of [the] word, and anyone as
JdeBP> proficient with English as yourself and who deals with computers will
JdeBP> have undoubtedly long since encountered the plurals of words such as
JdeBP> "index" and "matrix".

KDGS> Maybe your understanding of the English language is the problem, [...]
KDGS> The plural for Unix is still Unix.

Take the 10 seconds and perform the search.  You'll find plenty of
people telling you what the accepted plural is, and that that isn't
it.  Or read the "comp.unix.questions" FAQ document.

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