**Help With Crack 4.1!!!

**Help With Crack 4.1!!!

Post by roo » Tue, 13 Dec 1994 06:35:22

Can anyone assist me with invoking 'Crack' from the unix
promt?  I'm not exactly sure about the syntax for starting the
script for a specified user (or can this be done ?).

Please help!!


1. HELP...Core while running Crack 4.1 on 2.0.24 after ENDIAN fix

Would like to get Crack 4.1 running on Linux 2.0.24.  I have applied the
corrections to use only LITTLE_ENDIAN in bytesex.c and I am using
ufc-crypt.  Everything seems to work for a while, at least I get output
in my out files, but never get any password resolution even when I
specificly include know passwords in the bigdict.  With just a few
passwords, the program runs to conclusion, but not hits.  With the
bigdict, it runs for a while and then cores after displaying a very
number for discarded entries.  

Would very much appreciate any help.  We would like to get password
testing installed on our intranet.
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