Host-based IDS for Alpha platform?

Host-based IDS for Alpha platform?

Post by spitc.. » Wed, 05 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm supposed to research host (and network, for that matter) based
intrusion detection systems that run on SGI, Solaris and NT for Alpha.
I'm pretty sure the first two aren't a problem, but does ANYONE support
NT on Alpha??? Yes, I know that Compaq doesn't support Alpha and I know
that Microsoft isn't supporting new versions, but we've got what we've
I heard that Axent might run on Alpha, but I want something more than
just a simple log scraper like ITA.


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I am investigating what Sun hardware solution to purchase that will
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Several Oracle8 databases will be on there, among other things.  I figured
around 300GB of disk capacity will suffice.  I asked the DBAs what type
of I/O will be predominant on the system, and they said some apps will be
read intensive, others write intensive.

So, my question is, should I consider a host-based RAID system (such as
the D1000, A5000) or the controller-based RAID system (such as the A3500
and A1000)?  Are there big performance differences between the two?  How
about reliability?  What's everyone's experience been in comparing the two
and are there any papers on this subject?  

John J. Sasso, Jr                     Engineering/Scientific Consultant
R.P.I., Engineering Physics Dept.     Logic Technology, Inc.

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