management requests outside security audit

management requests outside security audit

Post by R. Prow » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00

The firm I work with is requesting an outside security audit of our
network and systems.  I would like to hear from firms that speciallize
in network security consulting services.  Interested organizations should
email be back with their voice phone number so I can contact them.

Award of this contract will be based upon an eventual RFP and will follow
government bidding procedures.

Bob Prowel (NTTC)


1. Resources on UNIX Security management, esp.auditing

Hello, everyone!

I'm currently gathering information for a small paper I'm writing for my
Computer Security class and the topic I chose is UNIX Security
I want to avoid rehashing what my book already tells me (like the rest
of class already does) and I want to write about (UNIX) security
auditing, a topic which is not well discussed in the book we use. So, an
excellent opportunity for enlightenment. :)
I've already searched the Internet for (UNIX) security auditing
resources, but what I've found is either very shallow material or just
giving a list of steps, with 1-sentence explanations.

I've already found the book by Spafford (Practical Internet & UNIX
Security, O'Reilly & Assoc.) but I want some more, focusing on the
auditing process: the steps to take, things to look out for etc.,
possibly supported by case studies and real-life examples.
I've heard about NCSA Web Security Auditing, and maybe this is a great
resource, but I could not find very much on NCSA's website.

Maybe someone even knows some good ACM/IEEE or Computer Security
It's possible to reply directly via e-mail next to replying to the group

Thank you very much in advance for any information,


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