Sec. Vulnerability in SNMP (rev. 2)

Sec. Vulnerability in SNMP (rev. 2)

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Document ID:  HPSBUX0202-184
Date Loaded:  20020212
      Title:  Sec. Vulnerability in SNMP (rev. 2)

   Originally issued: 12 Feb. 2002
   Last revised:  20 Feb. 2002

The information in the following Security Bulletin should be acted
upon as soon as possible.  Hewlett-Packard Company will not be
liable for any consequences to any customer resulting from customer's
failure to fully implement instructions in this Security Bulletin as
soon as possible.

PROBLEM:  Vulnerabilities in SNMP request and trap handling.

**REVISED 02**
PLATFORM: HP 9000 Series 700 and Series 800 running HP-UX
          releases 10.X and 11.X
          HP Procurve switches
- ---->>    JetDirect Firmware (older versions only)
- ---->>    MC/ServiceGuard, EMS HA Monitors

DAMAGE:   Possible denial-of-service, service interruptions,
          unauthorized access.

**REVISED 02**
SOLUTION: Apply patches or implement workarounds.  See below.
         For HP-UX releases:
        PHSS_26137    s700_800  HP-UX 10.20 OV EMANATE14.2 Agent
        PHSS_26138    s700_800  HP-UX 11.X  OV EMANATE14.2 Agent
        PSOV_03087    Solaris 2.X      EMANATE Release 14.2
- ---->>   For systems running OV NNM:
- ---->>  PHSS_26286    s700_800  HP-UX  10.20  ovtrapd large trap fix
- ---->>  PHSS_26287    s700_800  HP-UX  11.X   ovtrapd large trap fix
- ---->>  PSOV_03100    Solaris 2.X             ovtrapd large trap fix
- ---->>  NNM_00857     NT 4.X/Windows 2000     ovtrapd large trap fix>

MANUAL ACTIONS: Upgrade or workaround action per below.

AVAILABILITY:  Patches for some affected systems are available now.
CHANGE SUMMARY: Rev.01 affected HP Procurve scope expanded,
                       plus Procurve patch availability added.
                       NNM ovtrapd patch availability added.
                Rev.02 SG and EMS found not vulnerable.

 A. Background
    CERT has issued an advisory:
    CERT Advisory CA-2002-03 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Many
    Implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol
    (SNMPv1) containing information about the vulnerabilities.

    Hewlett-Packard Company will revise this bulletin as new
    information becomes available.

    hp Procurve switches

    We are still in the process of determining which other HP
    Procurve products are subject to these vulnerabilities.  
    We have created fixes for products below which will resolve
    these issues.  See Section C below.

    Customers can download these patches in the form of software
    upgrades at:

                       Product                   Fix revision number
       ----------------------------------       --------------------
       HP Procurve Switch 2524   (J4813A)        F.04.08 or greater
       HP Procurve Switch 2512   (J4812A)        F.04.08 or greater
       HP Procurve Switch 4108GL (J4865A)        G.04.05 or greater
       HP Procurve Switch 4108GL-bundle (J4861A) G.04.05 or greater

    Not all HP Procurve products have completed testing, nor are
    they listed here, and may or may not have these vulnerabilities.  
    This bulletin will again be updated as new information becomes

    NNM  (Network Node Manager)

    Some problems found in NNM product were related to trap
    handling.  Patches are available.  See Section C below.

    JetDirect Firmware (older versions only)
    ONLY some older versions of JetDirect Firmware are
    vulnerable to some of the issues.  The older firmware
    can be upgraded in most cases, see list below.

    JetDirect Firmware Version      State
     ==========================     =====

            X.08.32 and higher      NOT Vulnerable
            X.21.00 and higher      NOT Vulnerable
        where X represents an alpha character for your device.

    JetDirect Product Numbers that can be freely upgraded
    to X.08.32 or X.21.00 or higher firmware.

    EIO (Peripherals Laserjet 4000, 5000, 8000, etc...)
    J3110A 10T
    J3111A 10T/10B2/LocalTalk
    J3112A Token Ring (discontinued)
    J3113A 10/100 (discontinued)
    J4169A 10/100
    J4167A Token Ring

    MIO (Peripherals LaserJet 4, 4si, 5si, etc...)
    J2550A/B 10T (discontinued)
    J2552A/B 10T/10Base2/LocalTalk (discontinued)
    J2555A/B Token Ring (discontinued)
    J4100A 10/100
    J4105A Token Ring
    J4106A 10T

    External Print Servers
    J2591A EX+ (discontinued)
    J2593A EX+3 10T/10B2 (discontinued)
    J2594A EX+3 Token Ring (discontinued)
    J3263A 300X 10/100
    J3264A 500X Token Ring
    J3265A 500X 10/100

     HP-UX Systems running snmpd or OPENVIEW
     Any HP-UX 10.X or 11.X system running snmpd or snmpdm is
     vulnerable.  To determine if your HP-UX system has snmpd
     or snmpdm installed:

       swlist -l file | grep snmpd

B. Fixing the problem
   Install the appropriate patch or firmware revision or work
   around problem as detailed below.

C. Recommended solution
    hp Procurve switches

    Customers can download these patches in the form of software
    upgrades at:

             Product                         Fix revision number
    -----------------------------------     -------------------
    HP Procurve Switch 2524    (J4813A)       F.04.08 or greater
    HP Procurve Switch 2512    (J4812A)       F.04.08 or greater
    HP Procurve Switch 4108GL  (J4865A)       G.04.05 or greater
    HP Procurve Switch 4108GL-bundle (J4861A) G.04.05 or greater

    NNM  (Network Node Manager)

     Problems found in the NNM product (related only to trap
     handling) are addressed in patches available at:

     PHSS_26286    s700_800  HP-UX  10.20  ovtrapd large trap fix
     PHSS_26287    s700_800  HP-UX  11.X   ovtrapd large trap fix
     PSOV_03100    Solaris 2.X             ovtrapd large trap fix
     NNM_00857     NT 4.X/Windows 2000     ovtrapd large trap fix

**REVISED 02**
- --->MC/ServiceGuard is not affected.  Testing has been completed
- --->and neither MC/ServiceGuard nor ServiceGuard OPS Edition are
- --->negatively impacted.  

- --->The ServiceGuard Manager product does not use the cluster
- --->SNMP and remains unaffected.

    Event Monitoring System  (EMS)
**REVISED 02**
- --->Testing of the MC/ServiceGuard or ServiceGuard OPS Edition
- --->application with package resources defined using EMS High
- --->Availability Monitors has been completed and shows no
- --->vulnerability to this issue.

    JetDirect Firmware (older versions only)
**REVISED 02**    
    Update firmware to X.08.32(or higher) or  X.21.00(or higher)
    as applicable.

- --->   To HP's knowledge, current Jetdirect products are not
- --->   affected by these vulnerabilities.  However, HP always
- --->   recommends upgrading Jetdirect firmware for the latest
- --->   bug fixes and security benefits. The upgrade firmware
- --->   and download utility are available free of charge.

- --->   Jetdirect upgrade instructions can be found at:

- --->

- --->   "How to Secure a Jetdirect Device" is:

- --->

- --->    JetDirect Firmware Version       State
- --->    ======================================
- --->    X.08.32 and higher      NOT Vulnerable
- --->    X.21.00 and higher      NOT Vulnerable
- --->    where X represents an alpha character for your device.

- --->  The following devices can be upgraded:

- --->  EIO (Peripherals Laserjet 4000, 5000, 8000, etc...)
- --->  J3110A 10T
- --->  J3111A 10T/10B2/LocalTalk
- --->  J3112A Token Ring (discontinued)
- --->  J3113A 10/100 (discontinued)
- --->  J4169A 10/100
- --->  J4167A Token Ring

- --->  MIO (Peripherals LaserJet 4, 4si, 5si, etc...)
- --->  J2550A/B 10T (discontinued)
- --->  J2552A/B 10T/10Base2/LocalTalk (discontinued)
- --->  J2555A/B Token Ring (discontinued)
- --->  J4100A 10/100
- --->  J4105A Token Ring
- --->  J4106A 10T

- --->  External Print Servers
- --->  J2591A EX+ (discontinued)
- --->  J2593A EX+3 10T/10B2 (discontinued)
- --->  J2594A EX+3 Token Ring (discontinued)
- --->  J3263A 300X 10/100
- --->  J3264A 500X Token Ring
- --->  J3265A 500X 10/100

    HP-UX Systems running snmpd or OPENVIEW
    The following patches are available now:

     PHSS_26137    s700_800  HP-UX 10.20 OV EMANATE14.2 Agent$
     PHSS_26138    s700_800  HP-UX 11.X  OV EMANATE14.2 Agent$
     PSOV_03087    Solaris 2.X      EMANATE Release 14.2 $

    All three patches are available from:

**Revised 01**
- -->> In addition PHSS_26137 and PHSS_26138 are now available

   NOTE: The patches are labeled OV (Open View).  However, the
   patches are also applicable to systems that are _NOT_
   running Open View.

    Workaround for HP-UX Systems:

    If a patch is not available for your platform or you cannot
    install an available patch, snmpd and snmpdm can be disabled
    by removing their entries from /etc/services and removing the
    execute permissions from /usr/sbin/snmpd and /usr/sbin/snmpdm.

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    For information on the Security Patch Check tool, see:"

    The security patch matrix is also available via anonymous

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 E. To report new security vulnerabilities, send email to

    Please encrypt any exploit information using the
    security-alert PGP key, available from your local key
    server, or by sending a message with a -subject- (not body)
    of 'get key' (no quotes) to

    Permission is granted for copying and circulating this
    Bulletin to Hewlett-Packard (HP) customers (or the Internet
    community) for the purpose of alerting them to problems,
    if and only if, the Bulletin is not edited or changed in
    any way, is attributed to HP, and provided such reproduction
    and/or distribution is performed for non-commercial purposes.

    Any other use of this information is prohibited. HP is not
    liable for any misuse of this information by any third party.
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