Looking to purchase source code for PC security software

Looking to purchase source code for PC security software

Post by Meli » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00


We have built a hardware encryption engine. Now we are looking for anyone
who is interested in selling their security software (may range from simple
wipe disk to on the fly encryption to access control basically any PC
security software and tricks which helps security is of interest to us). We
will modify the code to use our
hardware encryption engine.

Please respond to



1. help: looking to purchase DBX source code license.

I'm interested in purchasing a source code license for DBX the unix
debugger but I don't know who owns the source code.  Both SUN and HP
distribute DBX binaries ...

for that matter, who "owns" unix these days?  I remember AT&T selling
it to Novell but I lost track when Novell dumped it.  Is DBX licensed
with the Unix source code?

I'm interested because I want to modify a unix debugger and sell the
result.  I could write a unix debugger from scratch but this would
take more time.  If I could purchase a DBX source code license that
would speed things up significantly.  I realize that GDB is an
excellent debugger but the GNU license prevents me from improving GDB,
selling the improved GDB *and* keeping my changes proprietary.
Unfortunately in my circumstance this is not acceptable.

Any help directing me to the owner(s) of the DBX source would be
greatly appreciated.


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