Award Winning 120MB Drive

Award Winning 120MB Drive

Post by Gary Phoo » Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Dear newsgroup,

O.R. Computer System Pte Ltd, Manufacturer of award winning 120MB floppy
drive, "SWOP !" - with External & Pcmcia feature, for IT users and Trade

Newsgroup Discussion, Trade Discussion, Technical Support and Questions
are welcomed.

Visit at :



1. Wanted: 120MB or 200MB 2.5 inch laptop IDE hard drive

I've got an old DecPC 425SE laptop that has a sick 120M hard drive.
Unfortunately the BIOS will recognize *ONLY* a 120M or 200M drive, so
please don't try to sell me a 1 gigabyte drive. Also, this does
require a 2.5 inch laptop drive.

Thanks in advance. I'd love to get Linux up and running on this guy as
cheaply as possible.

        Paul Bartz
Remove nospam from the address below to contact me.

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