Setting up Internet Firewall w/ two Ethernet cards

Setting up Internet Firewall w/ two Ethernet cards

Post by Bob Gerrish ex4 » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 03:42:29

: Hi,

: I have internal network using unregistered Class B IP address,

Hope you are using a RFC 1597 compliant addresses.  If not and your
"unregistered" addresses get out on the internet it is possible that
they could create a problem for someone else.

: connected to the Internet by slip/ppp dialup connection.  I've been
: trying to set up Internet firewall with two ethernet cards so that
: network traffic can only go out but can not come in except the
: Internet e-amil for WP Office e-mail, and my unregistered class B IP
: address does not get broadcasted to the internet. So far, I assigned
: registered class C IP address to first ethernet card for the incoming
: Internet traffic like e-mail and unregistered class B IP address to
: the other for the outgoing internal traffic to the Internet.  But it
: doesn't work.:( I can only ping terminal server of Internet
: provider. And my e-mail isn't coming through.

Sounds like what I had happening.  Did you set up default routing to
use the ethernet card that is connected to the Internet?


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I need to set up one of my two Linux boxes as an Internet gateway for my
two-machine LAN.  First off, I have both machines each using an Ethernet
card for NFS.  Now, how can I put in another card in each to run a TCP/IP
network between both machines and then the Internet (which must have
another Ethenet card in it to connect to the Internet *breathe*) - I mean
Linux can only handle one Ethernet card!   To top it off, the router
handling Internet traffic is connected via a SCSI controller!!
(Morningstar SnapLink routers).

I really need a Ethernet-pro out there to contact me!! I am in a real
mess here!!!

- Thanks!

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