New kind of security tool for Intrusion Detection

New kind of security tool for Intrusion Detection

Post by Mark Renfe » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

A new kind of security tool has been developed by NETSEC, a
company specialized in Internet security. It is called SPECTER
and runs on Windows NT 4.0.

It simulates a complete host for intruders to play with by offering
5 common Internet services. It can simulate 9 different operating
systems with 5 different characters. Extensive logging, instant
alert by e-mail and tracing of the intruders are some of the major
features. Details about the software can be found on the dedicated
website at :

The software is easy to setup and configure for every system
administrator without special knowledge about intrusion detection.

Interested journalists of technical magazines have the opportunity
to get a copy of the newly released version 3.0 for reviewing.

Signed,       M. Renfer


1. Intrusion Detection Tool integration ?

Hello All,

Although Intrusion Detection is a relatively new technology in the
commercial security product market; I was wondering if the fellow
members can share their experiences with different tools that are out
there. I am aware of Cisco's prodcuts : NetRanger and NetSonar, ISS's
RealSecure and System Scanner and Network Associates's Cybercop
(formerly known as Batista ).

I am also looking for specific information wrt how these (or any other
commercial IDT tool) intergrate with:

(1)HP OPENVIEW or a network monitoring package
(2)Checkpoint Firewall-1 or any other real firewall (CISCO PIX is not a
*real* firewall though Cisco may call it one)
(3)Integration with Cisco router or other router ACLs
(4)Scalability (in say 2000 node environment)

Thank you


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