Security: Fake "ftp-hole"-checker ...

Security: Fake "ftp-hole"-checker ...

Post by Garry Glendow » Mon, 04 May 1998 04:00:00

On the 'net a program appeared, which states it is a checker for an
FTP-hole in Linux' FTP-Daemon. Closer (oh well...) examination of the
program, which starts like this:

/* FTP hole bug [05/01/98]
 * Affected Operating Systems: ALL LINUX
 * Exploitation Result: USers get root suid big on login rhost
 * Syntax:
 * user~$ cc -o ftphole ftphole.c
 * user~$ ./ftphole
 * it will then test and core dump an rhost file on your home dir with a
suid bit
 * then it'll bring you to a login screen and you login as normal and
 * using the rhost file with a suid bit you have a root shell
 * www:~$ id
 * root
 * pheer!!

will let even an inexperienced C-programmer recognise the scam ... the

via mail ... anyway, the program doesn't hide its true functions at all,
even the function names speak for themselves:


No serious attack for serious system admins, but nonetheless ...



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Can I somehow get ftpd to do this for an other user?

(I want to automate data transfer between an 3090 running MVS and
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Thanks in advance,

Terje Thoegersen, Systems Consultant, Norsk Hydro a.s, Hydro Data
N-0240 Oslo, Norway. Tel : +47 22 43 23 46  Fax : +47 22 43 27 47

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