Distributed Passwd File Tools

Distributed Passwd File Tools

Post by Mark Moo » Thu, 07 Jul 1994 06:46:56

    Greetings, All.

    I'm looking for tools that manage passwords in a distributed
    environment consisting of over 100 nodes. Yellow Plague is
    not an option due to the diverse nature of the subnets. Any
    pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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1. Using rdist to distribute passwd files.

  Hello.  I am wondering what the best way to distribute passwd files across a
network of linux boxes is.  I'd like to avoid NIS/yp, because of the security
risks and other problems associated with it.  Doing it over nfs is also not
an option, the speed on our systems just isn't adequate.  

I have heard its possible to distribute them via rdist/rdistd, and after looking
at the package, i cannot see how this is done.  Presently, i would just like to
get two machines up, with the same passwd files on each.  I want it so if a user
changes their passwd on machine1, in a couple minutes or whatever the change is
reflected in machine2, and the other way around..


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