SATAN 1.1.1 on BSDi 2.1

SATAN 1.1.1 on BSDi 2.1

Post by Matthew T. Daniel » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone pulled this off? I can't get the * to compile...I get a
'RLIMIT_NOFILE' undeclared error when I try and compile it for BSDi. Am I
missing something? Anyone who has gotten Satan to run on a BSD system feel
free to drop me a line. Thanks in advance...



1. BSDI 2.1 Apache 1.1.1 Zombie "D" Status Processes

We are running BSDI 2.1 with all of the patches and running
Apache 1.1.1.

It appears that, after going to BSDI 2.1, Apache (even the 1.00
that I was using previously) would slowly build up some kind
of baggage that would eventually cause web connections to hang.

We are running 500,000 hits on some days and this "hang" might
take 1/2 to 2 days to come to.

When I got to Apache 1.1.1 I ran up the scoreboard and found
processes that would go into "D" status and then stay there
until they were killed.

Well, yes, I'm a slimy blind-curve-passing hack and I put in
an alarm(120) just as apache began to lookup the DNS, and put
another alarm(0) just as it finished.  Hehehehehe... I'm still\
a little nervous, but the dagone httpd "D" zombies seem to
kill themselves off at just exactly 120 seconds as the scoreboard

I may have my problem licked but I'm not sure and I'm nervouse
about my "whacko" solution.  Has anyone else seen this problem and
does anyone have any suggestions or comments?



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