Unix & Unix-to-NT connectivity classes

Unix & Unix-to-NT connectivity classes

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UNIX courses:

UNIX 101        

This course is an introduction to UNIX.  It is for those with limited to
no UNIX experience and covers all the basic of UNIX function and use.
It is intended for beginners and decision-makers that need to understand
UNIX's function and power.

AIX: End-User 1 day Quick Start

This course provides you with hands-on familiarization with all aspects
of the usage of AIX including a course book containing articles an
information from InfoExplorer.  

AIX: End-User 2 day intensive  

This course is a more advanced version of the 1-day class.  It covers
additional material such as Editors, Compilers, XL compilers,
interlanguage calls and argument passing and more.      

AIX For Breakfast      

This course is based on the book of the same name and is taught by the
Author Phil Houtz.  The class covers every thing from how to setup a
workstation to general systems administration.  

AIX: Advanced System Administration    

This course picks up where the (prerequisite) AIX for Breakfast course
leaves off.  It is for the very serious systems administrator.  Please
view the course outline for the details.        

Custom Topical Instruction

These courses are designed as either stand-alone or as addendum's to the
other course offered.  They cover a wide variety of subjects such as,
but not limited to, our SP2 course for advanced systems utilization and
administration.  A course such as this can go into great detail in a
hands-on environment and be anything from a jump-start class to a
multi-day intensive.    

NT and NT to UNIX connectivity courses:

Workstation 3.51 System and Network Support

In the Workstation course you will learn about the basic system
architecture of NT Workstation, including how NT supports various types
of applications and file systems. You will also learn benefit from this
course if you need to manage NT in a domain environment or heterogeneous
network environment in your job. This course can also benefit you if
your are preparing of Microsoft certification exams.

System Administration for NT Server 3.51

You will get the most out of this course if you wish to learn how to
install and manage a network of Windows NT server 3.51 systems. This
course will also help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified
Professional exams.

Windows NT to UNIX Connectivity

A one day training course exploring the configuration and administration
issues for fully connecting an NT workstation / server to a UNIX server.

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