Tripwire 1.3.1 and CD-Rs

Tripwire 1.3.1 and CD-Rs

Post by Matt Lesk » Fri, 20 Apr 2001 04:50:55

I was hoping someone out there could help me with an issue I've been
having trying to get Tripwire 1.3.1 (a free version) to work correctly.
The system is Solaris 8 on a Sparc machine, and after creating the
database files (/usr/local/sbin/tripwire --init), I ftp them to an
Windows NT 4.0 machine. There, I use Adaptec CD-Creator to copy them to
a CD-R, which I insert into the Solaris machine. The files on the CD are
what I want tripwire to read from nightly, and I have compilied it to do
so. However, at some point, the files become corrupted, and tripwire
will not recognize the ones on the CD. The ones created with the --init
option work fine (if I use the -d  and -c options). I've checked the
burning software, and the data format of the CD is ISO9660. Anyone have
any suggestions for getting this set-up to work (or if won't work)?


Matt Lesko


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