wanted - unix security specialists

wanted - unix security specialists

Post by Michael Garli » Thu, 13 Apr 1995 04:00:00

unix security specialists wanted for both perm & contract positions in UK
salaries to 50K + Bens -or 40 uk pounds per hour contract
MBA are the UK leading security recruitment specialists.
please respond as soon as possible
sending a full resume and your availability
by contacting Mike Garlick

tel: (44) 171 739 2022
fax: (44) 171 739 2129

MBA , 1 Willow St ,London EC2A 4BH


wanted - unix security specialists

Post by Dave Staffo » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I've just posted my CV on the net by mistake,   >:-o  RED FACE!!!!

Please ignore it (unless you want to offer me a job :-)


       |                                                         |
       | Dave Stafford                      Cray Systems         |

       |                                                         |
       | +31 1719 84437                     fax +31 1719 85426   |
       | European Space Research & Technology Centre             |
     / ) NL-2200 AG Noordwijk, Netherlands                       ( \
   _( (|__________________________________________________________) ) />
  (((\ \)  /,)                                             / )  / //))/
  (\\\\ \_/ /                                              \ \_/ /////
   \       /                                                \       /
    \    _/                                                  \_    /


wanted - unix security specialists

Post by Gary Barn » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

:PS I have worked in defence, ie. I have been vetted.

I know a cat who's been vetted. He wasn't too happy about it.
Of course, he's not really a he any more...


( - - ) "Never make aquaintances in coffee-houses or other public places.
 \ " /   As no person who respects himself does so, you may reasonably
  ~~~    suspect any advances made to you." - Hints on Etiquette &c.


wanted - unix security specialists

Post by Dave Staffo » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

    my CV is included below, although it's a bit long (company
standard). I haven't edited out the superflous stuff, no time ;-(
but hopefully you can wade through it.

The salary scales you offer are a bit below what I'm on now, but
maybe the benefits would make it interesting.


PS I have worked in defence, ie. I have been vetted.

       |                                                         |
       | Dave Stafford                      Cray Systems         |
       | d...@bccsun1.estec.esa.nl          Communiations Dept   |
       | +31 1719 84437                     fax +31 1719 85426   |
       | European Space Research & Technology Centre             |
       | NL-2200 AG Noordwijk, Netherlands                       |

                                  Curriculum Vitae

                  Eur. Ing.  Mr. D. Stafford  BSc. C. Eng. M.I.E.E.


  Name :           DAVID GEORGE STAFFORD        Date of Birth : 21 OCTOBER 1962

  Marital Status : SINGLE                       Nationality :   BRITISH

  Address :        Pieterskerkhof 38
                   2311ST Leiden
                   (31) 71 128 588

  Qualifications : BSc (Hons) 2.1  Electronic Engineering,  University of Leeds
                   Chartered Engineer (The Engineering Council)
                   Chartered European Engineer (FEANI)  
                   Member of Institute of Electrical Engineers
                   Member of the Fdration Europene d'Associations
                   Nationales d'Ingnieurs, (FEANI)

  Languages : Dutch (working)


  1991 - present   Cray Systems Limited, Space Division,Bristol, UK  
                   Senior Communications Consultant, ESA ECNOD/COM, ESTEC

  1989 - 1991      Cray Systems Limited, Space Division,Bristol, UK
                   Communications Consultant, ESA ECNOD/COM, ESOC

  1988 - 1989      Serco Space Limited, Sunbury, UK
                   Senior Engineer, ESA ECNOD/COM, ESOC

  1986 - 1988      Ministry of Defence,
                   Royal Signals & Radar Establishment, Malvern, UK
                   Systems Manager, Computer Aided Design Centre

  1985 - 1986      Ministry of Defence, UK
                   Post Graduate Training


April, 1988        Flash Reduction in Photolithographic Design
                   (Presented to CALMA European Users Group, Strasa,
                   Italy, and published in the proceedings)


Specialisations:  Project Management, Communications Networks (LAN, WAN),
                  Security & Internetworking, UNIX systems

Standards:        IEEE 80x.y series, CCITT X.y series, RFC,
                  NATO AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Plans)

Technologies:     All major LAN/WAN technologies.

Hardware Environments: Sun, SGi, PC, MAC, Cisco Product Range

Software Environments: Unix, Windows, VMS, Novell, OS/2, System 7

Protocols:         TCP/IP, DECnet, X.25, IPX, Appletalk, ISO CLNS

Languages:         C, Perl, EDSIII


1989 - Present,  Cray Systems Limited

Dave is the team leader of a project team consulting to the European Space
Agency, providing strategic planning, requirements analysis, hardware &
software evaluation, design and transfer of new communications systems
to operational support.

He is principally involved in the design of wide and local area network
architectures capable of transporting multiple protocols over heterogeneous
transmission systems. These systems must provide a high degree of security to
internal (ESA) users as much confidential and valuable data is at risk.

Particular projects were:

   the design of the European Space Agency's "ESINET" network. This is an
   internal pan-European network carrying TCP/IP, DECnet and Novell IPX
   traffic, with links to many other national agencies, such as the
   National Aeronautics & Space Agency (NASA) and the European Southern

   the design and installation of secure systems through the use of access
   lists, firewalls, and customised "sniffing" software to protect ESA's
   networks, and detect possible violations. This project includes making
   high-level briefings to ESA management in Paris.

   definition of the addressing policy for TCP/IP, Novell and Appletalk-based
   communications, and also the specification for a system to provide address-
   management. All of these have been adopted as policy by ESA.

   design and implementation of ESA's first operational FDDI network at its
   research site in the Netherlands, and the networking infrastructure for
   ESA's In-Orbit Servicing facility at ESTEC in the Netherlands.

Other areas of involvement include planning management of a Novell-based
LAN, network management for ESINET and local area networks,
and the interface of higher level applications to transport systems.

1988 - 1989  Serco Space,  Senior Engineer

Joined Serco as a Senior engineer to provide strategic planning to the
European Space Agency for local and wide area networking. Principle duties
were as described above.

1986 - 1988  Ministry of Defence, RSRE, HPTO II

Promoted to Higher Professional and Technology Officer, grade II (HPTO II),
and became system manager of a Full Custom Integrated Circuit (IC) Design
facility, with a team of 4 staff. This facility was part of the Computer
Aided Design Centre (CADC), which provided design and production facilities
to the scientific community at RSRE. Responsibilities included:

   Research into new layout techniques for ICs and other geometries,
   necessitated by the unique nature of the scientific requirements. This
   included programming in graphical description languages to implement these

   Specification of a new suite of design tools the and associated hardware for
   the continued evolution of all design systems, within CADC.

   System administration of all computers used by the design centre, including
   PCs, Sun workstations, and Data General minicomputers. This encompassed the
   networking of the systems over ethernet thin-wire and fibre-optic LANs,
   running TCP/IP and DECnet protocols,  and the creation of accounting and
   charging systems. A PC lan, based on the NESTAR  networking system, and
   utilising on Token-ring was used to provide low-level design facilities,
   and office automation tools.

   Presentation of briefs and papers to MoD senior management, conferences,
   and companies within Europe and the USA.

The main project undertaken was the design of a Hybrid Micro-Electronic
Layout system using fully automated placement and routing features. The
system was written in a proprietary graphical programming language, and
interfaced to a commercial IC design package. The features of the programs
were the automatic design of parts according to predefined rules, and the
interfaces to the layout and routing tools provided by the system.

1982 - 1986 Ministry of Defence, Pre/Post Graduate

Joined the Ministry of Defence prior to entering university, on the student
engineer training system. Was assigned to the Royal Aircraft Establishment
(RaE) in Farnborough, and received training in all engineering disciplines.
During university, and the post-graduate year, the summer vacation was spent
at various sites on secondment. These are listed briefly below:

1983, RSRE, Packet Communications Department.

Assembly code programming for a hand-held battlefield communications system.

1984, RaE, Fighter Cockpit Systems.

Hardware/Software design of a digital decoder/demultiplexer used in trials of
the Marconi SRX-80 Speech Recognition system.

1985 - 1986, RSRE, Computer Aided Design Centre.

Design and implementation of a protocol converter between heterogeneous
computer systems. This system also provided command analysis for security

Military Communications Projects (MCP12), London.

Attached to a project team to provide technical support on military
communications projects. This included receiving extended training on all
aspects of project management.

Smiths Aerospace Industries, Cheltenham.

Attached to a project team to test and program an inspection system for PCBs
used on Tornado fighter aircraft. This included the production of operational


Specialisations:        Project Management                      9 years
                        Communications Networks (LAN)           8 years
                        Unix (Sun) Workstations                 9 years
                        Secure Networks                         5 years
                        Internetworking                         5 years
                        Routers                                 5 years

Standards:              IEEE 80x.y series                       7 years
                        CCITT X.y series                        5 years
                        RFC                                     6 years
                        NATO AQAP                               2 years

Technologies:           All major LAN/WAN technologies          7 years

Hardware Environments:  Sun                                     9 years
                        SGi                                     3 years
                        PC                                     10 years
                        MAC                                     3 years
                        Cisco Product Range                     5 years

read more »



Wanted for a big US telco based in Amsterdam the Netherlands working in a
team of 6 unix specialists and ICT architects, 4 senior system managers
and 1 to 2 junior system managers.

must haves: team spirit, enthousiasm for ICT, willing and eager to learn ICT, open minded towards new technology, problemsolver with a " get the job done" attitude. Move to holland and live around
amsterdam (max driving distance 1 hour). Occasional travel is required. Good english communication skills.

seniors must have: good proven unix knowledge (HP or Sun; HP is prefered as most people have solaris knowledge).  An advantage is: good programming skills in ksh/java/html/xml/sql; database
knowledge (DBA level); datawarehousing; datanetwork (lan/wan); NIS; SMTP; system management
tools (backup and recovery; SANS;RAID5; MIRRORING), cisco routers and terminal servers.
All other telecom's tools and techniques will be taught.

Junior system managers must be enthousiastic and like to work in IT and see a clear future for themselves in the ICT branche. People who will be doing first line of support, solving user problems and ticket handling. A basic computer science training is advantegeous. Everything else will be taught.

Mobile: +31 (0)6 55788018

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