SSLeay and RSARef

SSLeay and RSARef

Post by Vince Hicke » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00


   I am trying to get SSLeay and RSARef to compile under Linux using the
first described method that SSLeay's rsaref.doc states.

From the rsaref.doc:

There are 2 ways to use SSLeay and RSAref.  First, to build so that
the programs must be linked with RSAref, add '-DRSAref' to CFLAG in the
level makefile and -lrsaref (or where ever you are keeping RSAref) to


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1. Apache 1.2.6 and SSLeay with RSAREF

I compiled SSleay using RSAREF to try to remain legal while building
apache1.2.6. I'm having a problem with all certificates having invalid
signatures. Even if I create a test signature as shown in the FAQ for
SSLeay, I get the following error message   :

# verify httpsd.pem
httpsd.pem: /C=US/ST=Ohio/L=Columbus/O=GCFN/OU=staff/CN=Mike

error 7 at 0 depth lookup:certificate signature failure

Does anyone know what could cause this or how to fix it?

Mike Mangino

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