Network Scanning Tools

Network Scanning Tools

Post by Tony Davi » Mon, 04 Feb 2002 03:44:22


> Hi All -

> I'm looking for good recommendations for network scanner developers (i.e., ISS,
> *Cop, Nessus) that have reasonable plans for consultants to take advantage
> of, in order to use their scanning products.  I'm currently using Nessus, but
> would like to know if anyone out there has an agreement with IS?  What's their
> deal?  Is it fair, or excessive cost?  What about other similar product
> developers?

I'd recommend contacting each company and asking them directly what their consulting license looks like.  While Nessus' price is good, working with large clients, it is best practice to have multiple Security Scanners to catch everything.  Large clients like to know that you are using commercial tools along with freeware.  Usually one engagement with a client, pays for the consulting license of the product itself.
 Good luck.