New list: GPLed Firewall development

New list: GPLed Firewall development

Post by Bernd Eckenfe » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00


this is an announce for a new mailing list for development of GPLed (free)
Firewall Tools (i.e. Proxies).

The Mailinglist is for Developers who want to participate in creating new
Tools for Unix based Firewalling. It should deal with developing new
Firewall Proxies and intergarting them with existing free tools like
tcp-wrappers, xinetd and some of the security patches for named.

This list is for developers only, if we have some results a user list may be
generated, too. Developing is intended to be portable. Personally I will
develop for Linux and the Transparent Proxy Feature.

the body of the mail.


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