Commercial encryption (NON DOD) devices

Commercial encryption (NON DOD) devices

Post by 20.. » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 00:32:30

I am interested in knowing companies that manufacture commercial (NON-DOD)
encryption devices.



Commercial encryption (NON DOD) devices

Post by Marcus J Ran » Tue, 16 Aug 1994 08:01:41

Quote:>I am interested in knowing companies that manufacture commercial (NON-DOD)
>encryption devices.

        This is mjr's ad-hoc crypto hardware short list. Actual lists
of all the vendors in the world who make cryptographic stuff would
take about 6 big fat notebooks. (In fact...)

        Anyhow, these are a sampling of some vendors who make a variety
of things, and the things they make.

        Mobius Encryption Technologies:
        International Square
        1825 I Street, NW,   Suite 400
        Washington, DC 20006
        Tel: (202)429-2079
        Fax: (202)429-9574

                        FAX encryption
                        Encrypting modems (internal for PC)
                        Encryption boards (internal for PC)
        CE Infosys:
        512A Herndon Parkway
        Herndon, VA 22070
        Tel: (703)435-3800
        Fax: (703)435-5129

                        SuperCrypt DES chip
                        CryptLine DES encryptor for SCSI devices

        [Note: nice board, these guys are hard to get hold of, though]
        310 N. Mary Ave
        Sunnyvale, CA 94086
        Tel: (408)735-5800
        Fax: (408)720-8294

                        9600 baud DES modems and telephones
                        56kb-7.0mbps DES CSU/DSUs
                        34mbps-45mbps DES CSU/DSUs
                        FAX encryption
        Fischer International:
        4073 Merchantile Ave
        Naples, FL 33942
        Tel: 1-800-237-4510

                        PC hard disk DES encryption software
                        PC hard disk DES encryption hardware
                        LAN monitoring software
        UsrEZ Software Inc:
        1202 E. Pike St.
        Seattle, WA 98122
        Tel: (206)672-5387

                        Mac hard disk DES encryption software
        Microlink Technologies:
        1260 Lake Blvd, Suite 280
        Davis, CA 95616
        Tel: (916)757-1180
        Fax: (916)757-6314

                        UNIX hard disk encryption (Sun, ULTRIX)
                        PC hard disk encryption
                        VMS hard disk encryption

        Digital Pathways
        201 Ravendale Drive
        Mountain View, CA  94043

        Tel: (415) 964-0707
        Fax: (415) 961-7487

                        handheld authentication calculators  (SNK004)
                        serial line auth interruptors (guardian)

        Security Dynamics
        One Alewife Center
        Cambridge, MA  02140

        Tel: (617) 547-7820
        Fax: (617) 354-8836

                        SecurID changing number authentication card
                        ACE server software

        Racal Guardata
        480 Spring park place
        Herndon, VA   22070
        Tel: 1-800-521-6261 ext 217

                        Watchword authentication calculator
                        Encrypting modems
                        Terminal servers
        Enigma Logic, Inc
        2151 Salvio St, Ste. 301
        Concord, CA  94520
        Tel: (510)827-5707
        Fax: (510)827-2593

                        DES Silver card authentication calculator
                        SafeWord Multisync card authentication calculator

        Semaphore Communications Corporation
        2040 Martin Ave
        Santa Clara, CA     95050
        Tel: (408)980-7750
        Fax: (408)980-7769

                        LAN encryption units


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