Linux syslogd remote logging?

Linux syslogd remote logging?

Post by Matt Bancro » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to have the Linux syslog daemon log its messages to a remote
Macintosh in conjunction with its normal log files?

Matt Bancroft


1. Solaris 8 syslogd - remote logging

hi all,

I have 2 servers - hostA and hostB. host A sends a COPY of its system
messages to hostB, as configured in the syslog.conf. hostB receives the
messages from hostA and places them into its /var/adm/messages file
(along with its own messages of course). Easy so far.

But, on hostB, I would like to redirect incoming messages from hostA to
a different file, say /var/adm/messaes_hostA for example.

I know the idea of a logging server is to have a centralised repository
for logs, but my needs are slightly different. I have read a lot about
this, but there seems to be no clear answer. It seems it is possible on
FreeBSD, but does anybody know if this is possible using the standard
syslogd / syslog.conf on Solaris?

Thansk a lot


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