Network Security Positions

Network Security Positions

Post by Don Stephens » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00

*****  Network Security Positions  *****

The SunSoft networking group has a number of openings for software
engineers to work on security technology. There are a range of positions
available, from junior-level developers to senior-level design engineers,
described as follows:

User Interface Engineers
Design and development of user interfaces for network security applications
and services. Ideal candidate would have significant development experience
using Motif C/C++ toolkits, HTML and Java, and an understanding of system/
network administration and firewall security issues.

Unix Kernel Engineers
Unix kernel engineers to work on firewall and secure network communications
services.  Experience required in Unix internals, especially in the areas
of TCP/IP and streams implementations.  Knowledge of firewall and virtual
private network (VPN) technologies is also important.

Security Engineers
UNIX/C/C++ development engineers with experience in system and network
security technology, especially:  firewalls, GSS-API, Kerberos, public key
mechanisms (RSA,DSA,Diffie-Hellman), X.509 certificates, chip-card
authentication, access control and security auditing.  Experience involving
RPC, NFS, TCP/IP, MVS RACF, Windows NT and DCE is also desired.

Security Test Engineers
Test engineers for firewall and network security products.  Experience in
UNIX system administration and network management would be important, along
with ability to write test scripts and programs.

Recent graduates will only be considered if they have significant
relevant experience.