Wietse in.rlogind + TCP Wrappers = 2 banners?

Wietse in.rlogind + TCP Wrappers = 2 banners?

Post by Chris Wal » Fri, 21 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I am running Wietse's log-daemon daemons and /bin/login replacement on
a 4.1.4 Sun, along with TCP Wrappers with compiled with  process_options
enabled.  The goal is to log connections, and also to display
certain banners when people connect, and different ones when
connections are denied.  It works great!  

However, I noticed that non-rejected rlogin connections display the
banner twice.  If I modify my hosts.deny to have a banners action for
"all except in.rlogind" then I get no banner when an rlogin connection is made.

I am concluding that both in.rlogind and tcpd are obeying the
hosts.deny instructions.  If this is correct, is there a sensible way
to prevent it, other than by modifying Wietse's rlogind source?
If it is not correct, can someone offer an alternative explanation?

If this is a RTFM question, I apologize -- I was unable to find reference to
the banner feature of the rlogind daemon anywhere other than in the README,
which says:
"941218  Changed rlogind and rshd to use the open-ended tcp wrapper 7.0
    programmatic interface, so that banners can be used."

Well, I believe that alright!  My question is how to not use them, since
tcpd is already displaying them.

Thanks folks.



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Thanks in advance


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