Free copy Internet Security Monthly

Free copy Internet Security Monthly

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Internet Security Monthly * News release
Washington DC, December 1994

Due to special support from the United States
Postal Services it is now possible to make a
limited number of copies of Internet Security
Monthly free of charge available for subscription
review purposes.

If you are a regular subscriber/reader of one of
the following lists/digests, and return a
completed request-template (below) by electronic

promotional copy of Internet Security Monthly.

    risks-digest, CUD-digest, telecom-digest,
    privacy-digest, firewall-digest, virus-L,
    crypto-L, security-L

Request for free of charge subscription evaluation
copy of Internet Security Monthly


Telefax nr.:
Email address:

After registration you will be (air)mailed one
copy of Internet Security Monthly.  Internet
Security Monthly is a not-for-profit initiative.
Thus the service is not continued for subsequent
copies, nor will a request for another copy be

You may use the above as template for registration,
or alternatively fax it to:

Network Security Observations
Internet Security Monthly
+ 1 202 429 9574


Regular subscriptions of Internet Security
are available for US $ 75 (United States),
US $ 100 (World), including (air)mail.  
For more info contact:

Tel.: +1 202 775 4947
Fax.: +1 202 429 9574



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Is anyone here subscribed to any or both of the above mentioned journal(s)?  
Do you think they worth the $$$?  They don't offer trial-copies or samples like that.

Thanks for any input.

Alex Li
Health Systems Integration, Inc.

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