Public SSH server / unix server with SSH available

Public SSH server / unix server with SSH available

Post by herbk.. » Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:00:00

If I want to test if my current ssh client configuration is
wrong or the error is on the ssh server side it would be
fine to have a working sshd server to which I can connect
to test the client.

Does anyone know which public unix server offers such a
sshd server ?

Thank you

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hi, before i write a script i wanted to ask if someone of you maybe already
has a script for my desire.

i need to connect on several machines with ssh -2 to other machines. on all
those hundreds of machines is my key in .ssh/authorized_keys2

some of those machines change their server key very often due maintenance,
disk fails (automatic reboot and netinstall) so i alway have to remove the
old key from remote:.ssh/authorized_keys2 and insert the new key

does anyone have already coded a script that does something like that:

scp ~/.ssh/ remote.machine.tld:
on remote machine remove old key from authorized_keys2
add new key

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