NFS security issues

NFS security issues

Post by Farul A Ghaza » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm planning to implement NFS on a DEC Alpha (DU3.2b), with Macs as
clients (using Intercon's NFS/Share). Can anyone direct me to some
info, either on or off the net to what issues I should look into in
terms of security. Should I compile CAP instead and go that route?

Thanks for any info.


1. Security issues with NFS on web server


I was hoping to share-out my htdocs folder via NFS to another system
on my network, but this server is a webserver and has unrestricted
access to the Internet.  Is NFS secure enough to do this?  If I open
it and specify only another system on my network -- 10. range - am I
opening up myself to attacks ?

Just checking.  Thanks for the help.


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