Call for papers New Security Paradigms '96

Call for papers New Security Paradigms '96

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                        PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS

                         NEW SECURITY PARADIGMS '96

A workshop sponsored by ACM SIGSAC and the Aerospace Institute and
supported by the Department of Defense and TRW

                           UCLA Conference Center
                             Lake Arrowhead, CA

                           September 16-19, 1996

Paradigm shifts disrupt the status quo, destroy outdated ideas, and open
the way to new possibilities.  This workshop explores radical new models
for computer security, such as strategies for securing very large networks,
providing software safety in large systems, and developing ethics in
international *space.  The goal is to develop transcendent solutions
that provide the flexibility and interoperability users require in trusted

We offer a creative and constructive workshop environment for about
25 participants at the beautiful UCLA Conference Center on lake Arrowhead
in the San Bernardino Mountains, California.  Dress is casual.  The tone is
exploratory rather than critical.  The refereed papers will be printed in a
workshop proceedings.  To participate, submit either a research paper or a
5-10 page position paper, preferably via email, to Program Chairs Catherine
Meadows and David Bailey at the email addresses listed below by April 1,
1996.  Alternately, submit five copies of a hard-copy paper to either
program chair by March 24, 1996.  The Program Committee will referee the
papers and notify authors of acceptance status by June 9, 1996.

Scholarships are available.  

As it becomes available, more information will be provided on-line.

        Use anonymous FTP from:        
                        in directory                    /pub/newparadigms96
Use World Wide Web from:


    Steering Committee:  Hilary Hosmer, John Dobson, Catherine Meadows,
David Bailey

    Workshop Co-Chair:    
    Tom Haigh, Secure Computing Corp., 2678 Long Lake Road, Roseville, MN

    Workshop Co-Chair:    
    Hilary Hosmer, Data Security Inc. 58 Wilson Road, Bedford, MA

    Program Committee Co-Chairs:

        Catherine Meadows  Naval Research Laboratory  
        Code 5543  Washington, D.C.  20375
                        (202) 767-3490   (202) 404-7942 (FAX)

        David Bailey, Galaxy Computer Services
                          PO Box 21069, Albuquerque, NM 87154
                        (505) 296-8805 (voice)  (505) 298-4834 (fax)

    Program Committee:
        Rebecca Bace, Department of Defense
        Dimitris Gritzalis, Univ. of the Aegean
        Deborah Hamilton, Hewlett Packard
        Victoria Jones, Univ. of Illinois
        Tom Lincoln, M.D., Rand Corporation
        Ruth Nelson, Information System Security
        Pierangela Samarati, Universita di Milano
        Marvin Schaefer, Arca Systems
        Jeff Williams, Arca Systems
        Jim Williams, MITRE
        John Yesberg, DSTO, Australia

    Local Arrangements:  Daniel Essin (UCLA)                    (213) 226-3188

    Scholarships: Ravi Sandhu (George Mason University) (703) 993-1659

    Publications Chair:  Marv Schaefer, Arca Systems

    Publicity:  Yvo Desmedt (Univ. of Wisconsin)        (414) 229-6762

    Treasurer and Registration Chair: Dixie Baker (SAIC)        (310) 613-3606

    ACM SIGSAC Chair:  Ravi Sandhu (George Mason Univ.) (703) 993-1659

    ACM Senior Program Director:  Julie Goetz (ACM, 1515 Broadway, NY)
    (212) 626-0610