i aM eLiTe! (lamer)

i aM eLiTe! (lamer)

Post by Thomas Walk » Sun, 21 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Stay out of this group.  Go somewhere else!
Flame me if you wish!
All flames go to /dev/null>*s

"To Error is Human, to REALLY*UP requires the root password!"

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1. I am a major Lamer. Please Help!

I have just recieved Solaris7 and installed it to it's own 1.3 gig
part. so far so good. However, I am overwhelmed with the complexities
of the thing. Is there a website or book, or both that can help a
total newbie to understand the basics of the UNIX\Solaris world?
P.S. What I know from DOS/Win just gets me into trouble. No surprise,
I guess.  ------Lance

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