DEC v3.x Security ?

DEC v3.x Security ?

Post by Teri Smit » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have some very specific security questions pertaining to DEC UNIX v3.x
and would like the email address of some with in-depth knowledge. My
questions pertain to unowned files, hidden files, .rhosts usage,
user/group ID's with no passwords, SUID and GUID, and root activity

Thank you for any help you can provide.


1. DEC and Security (Was: Re: CERT Sun Security announcement)

I agree with it. For example I told CERT and our local DEC vendor a
vulnerability in DEC's xterm (dxterm). It was two month ago. CERT
answered me after some days, gave it a Vulnerability number
(VU#20347), gave it to DEC's Software Security Response Team (SSRT)
and told me DEC is working on it. But DEC didn't fix anything upto
now. They didn't even warn their customers of it, even though a
simple fix is very easy (do not run dxterm suid root!).

So maybe it's DEC's Policy not to give any information, so no one can
talk about a bugful Pruduct: Ultrix.

Maybe any DEC-Administrator should ask his local vendor about it ...


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