Netscape plug-ins, helper files, Acrobat etc.

Netscape plug-ins, helper files, Acrobat etc.

Post by Nick Maclar » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

What I want is a way of preventing users downloading their own plug-ins,
helper programs and so on.  Any ideas?  :-(

Now that we have all had a good laugh, I have more serious questions:

    1) Is there any good reason either to install the standard null
plug-in, or not to install it?  Netscape seems to work without it.
As you might expect, there is no documentation on what it does or (more
likely) doesn't do.

    2) Does either Netscape or Acrobat allow users to fire up a local
executable?  I am wondering whether using chroot and setting PATH to
something unhelpful is worthwhile.

[ Oh, my solution to the user-loaded plug-in problem is a threat of
public disembowelment, and a cron job that checks for the damn things
and logs the offence and clobbers the file.  NOT the right solution. ]

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Is there some way to get Netscape 3.0 for Linux to recognize and play
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app, it works when I click on a midi (but I would like it to work
automatically when a midi is embedded into the html).  For wav and au
I use the helper app as "cat %s>/dev/audio".  That works fine for
local au files, but doesn't sound right on other peoples au files.
Any help is appreciated setting up Netscape to its fullest potential.

One other thing, I have set up my home page with several java apps,
and under NT and 95 Netscape they all work great, under Linux
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Robert B. McGehee - University of Mississippi - RM Racing, Inc.      

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