need info on one time passwords

need info on one time passwords

Post by Scott Chas » Sun, 06 Feb 1994 09:15:53

: I read somewhere that somebody had some software that would
: allow a user to login to a system from the net, but the
: password was only useable once.

: Does anyone know what packages might do this, and if
: any of them are free?

: -Ram

Try skey1.1b from (/pub/skey) or

I will be releasing version 1.2 this month.




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Can i change someone's password by using other commands beyond "PASSWD" ??
I had a simple script as follow ...

#! /bin/sh

sleep 1
echo 1234
sleep 1
echo 1234
when I use " ./script | passwd user ", it can work on Linux ...but can't
work on AIX ....
would somebody help me ???

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