SecurID, ACE weaknesses! (Security Dynamics)

SecurID, ACE weaknesses! (Security Dynamics)

Post by Roger Boo » Thu, 12 Sep 1996 04:00:00

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: Here is an interesting paper describing the weaknesses of the ACE
: server.
: The paper is also available via Ftp from:
: Enjoy
: G.

That's nice, however, you shouldn't have posted the WHOLE 600K POSTSCRIPT
FILE to these newsgroups.  I'm just lucky I was reading on a break at
work instead of reading from home over a modem.  Posting large binaries
(and a PostScript file is a binary for usenet purposes) is extremely
poor net ettiquite.  Remember, not everyone has a T1 line and large
binaries have been known to get groups dropped from a low-bandwidth
news sight.

If you feel the need to post a binary/postscript file, find one of the
binaries newsgroups, post it there, and tell people here that you
posted it.  It's already on an ftp sight so you didn't need to post
it anyway.



1. linux PPP and Security Dynamics securID card

I'm looking to dump my win95 box into the trash and run linux, eg. RedHat,
to connect with various unix servers at work.  We've got a ppp dialup line
which requires a password which is randomly generated from the securID card
at logon time.  This card is NOT connected to my PC, but instead acts like a
credit-card with an LED panel and a battery.

In win95, the dialup connection uses the "post-dial terminal" option to
bring up a text terminal as soon as the modems are connected.  Then the text
terminal prompts me to type in my account number and the current generated
password from the securID card.  Once this is done the ppp connection is
established and my PC becomes part of the company tcp/ip network with a
dynamically assigned IP address. I open xterms from the company servers back
to my PC.

How can this type of ppp connection be done with linux, eg. RedHat?

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