Crack 5 HELP!

Crack 5 HELP!

Post by pyrodae.. » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 06:12:08

Dear netizens,

I am having a problem trying to get Crack configured on my Linux
System.. I am currently using Mandrake 7.1 and also have FreeBSD
on my other hd.. and no I have not tried installing Crack on BSD
yet, but I might as well since that HD has 8x the memory of where
my Linux OS is installed on.  Back to my problem, I was able to
change the Makefile(s) in c50a/src/libdes/ to use gcc by removing
the #'s from the cc=gcc and cflags part.  I ran make from that
directory and des along with all them other files were created
with no problem.

After doing this I entered the c50a/ directory as stated in
the documents and typed: ./Crack -makeonly
everything seemed to working fine until I got this ugly message

   elcid.o : In function 'elcid_test':
   /opt/c50a/src/util/elcid.c : 159 : undefined reference to 'crypt'
   collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
   make[1]: *** [.../.../run/bin/linux-2-unknown/dictfilt] ERROR 1
   make[1]: Leaving directory '/opt/c50a/src/util'
   make: *** [utils] ERROR1

Now after getting this message about there being an undefined
reference and all to 'crypt' what I did was go on the internet
and searched for this string.  I found that one had to include
-lcrypt somewhere... so I reinstalled Crack onto my system and
I entered once again the c50a/src/libdes/ directory.  This time
I edited the CFLAGS section in the Makefile(s) and included
the missing -lcrypt <-- don't know if I got this right is this
where I was suppose to add this???

Along with the previous changes so that gcc is used and what
not.  I then went into c50a/ once again and typed ./Crack -makeonly

Doing so I got many of the following message(s)

    gcc: -lcrypt : Linker input file unused since linking not done

Can someone explain to me what this means, and why it is so hard to
set up Crack on my system.. I have already spend many hours trying
to figure this out and simply can not go about configuring Crack on
my system.

I guess it's due to my lack of knowledge or plain stupidity. LOL =P

Also it seems that when I run ./Crack -makeonly gcc is not used
at all times to compile things.. on entering the util/ directory
the screen outputs that cc is being used.. should I fix this, if
there is a need in fixing, and which file do I edit and change to
fix this, although I believed that I had already done so by
uncommenting the cc=gcc lines in the Makefile --> /libdes directory ?

I remember trying to configure Crack on my Linux box a year ago,
and then too I encountered these problems and haven't tried until now.

I will go back to (trying to) configure Crack on my system
Probably try it on FreeBSD and see if I have any luck there.. =)

Thanks in advance and have a great day and a Merry X-Mas!

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