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Hacker wannabes

Post by John McEnro » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I think on ISP should do at least these settings in order to minimize IP
from its network

If I have a network like 199.34.39.x, like this:
local network ----| eht0   ROUTER    s0|----INET

then I setup my router to allow only the 199.34.39.x addresses thru its eth0
face and block packets coming in thru its s0 interface from the 199.34.39.x

Optionally, you can disable the network and broadcast addresses too.



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I don't think that this is bad.  All of those machines have routes for the
particular networks they know about, then a general "default" route to the
rest of the internet.  192.168.*.* doesn't match any of the specific routes,
so it goes further out.  Until it gets to something which is high-level
enough to have no default routes, at which point it's unroutable.

ISPs should be careful to block outgoing advertisements of routes to, well,
any address they don't have allocated to them, which includes the private
network addresses...  but I don't see any reason they should have special
routes or blocking for outgoing packets addressed to private network addresses.

Incidentally, re the question of whether an IP address ending in 255 can ever
be a usable address for a machine:  It depends on your netmask.  A traditional
"class B" network which is not subnetted (i.e. netmask could
have a machine with an IP address with a fourth octet of 255 so long as
the third octet wasn't also 255, although I wouldn't recommend it.

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