Certified Web Site Program Comes to Canada

Certified Web Site Program Comes to Canada

Post by Nataly.Shamsutdin.. » Sun, 17 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Ottawa-based CSCI Computer Security Canada Inc.has established
an exclusive partnership agreement with the National Computer
Security Association to make the NCSA Web Certification Program
available in Canada.  This unique program reassures owners of
external and internal Web sites, developers and users that
security on their sites meet the independent and stringent
standards of NCSA.  NCSA's seal of approval would enable
customers to trust the network communications channel whether
providing their personal data to a government organization, to
the corporate human resources database or making a purchase on

CSCI will also make available the NCSA IS/Recon service which
actively monitors the activities of Internet "hackers" over the
world, informs subscribers of potential threats to their site
security, and provides ways to correct their vulnerabilities.

CSCI's principal objective is to become a security leader in
Canada,assisting Canadian public and private sector
organizations in protecting their positive corporate image,
intellectual assets, privacy of personal data entrusted to them
by their clients and employees,and investments in the electronic
commerce solutions.
For further information, please contact:
CSCI Computer Security Canada Inc.

URL: http://www.csci.ca/
Fax: (613)733-5691
Phone: (613)733-4135


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