PGP Key-Signing party at SANE'98

PGP Key-Signing party at SANE'98

Post by Edwin Krem » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

SANE'98 (November 18-20, 1998), the 1st International System Administration
and Networking Conference, organized by the NLUUG and co-sponsored by USENIX
and NLnet Foundation will feature a

                PGP Key-Signing Party

on Thursday, November 19th, 1998 at 5:30pm immediately following the talk
"The History of PGP" by Phil Zimmermann.

If you plan to attend the SANE'98 conference and are interested in extending
the `Web of Trust', the PGP Key-Signing Party is the place to be!

In order to participate in the key-signing party, you'll have to prepare a
couple of things prior to the conference, please refer to the URL below for

[ overall conference information at: ]

Best regards,

Edwin Kremer
SANE'98 program co-chair


Dept. of Computer Science,  Utrecht University, The Netherlands  [WHOIS: ehk3]
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1. GPG key-signing parties (again...)

All right, first of all let me apologize if I wasn't clear enough on my
first post.

As I said, I'm doing a "research project" on the sociological aspects of GPG
key-signing parties. I do know theoretically how those work, but I'm more
interested in hearing about the impressions of people who have attended one
of those. Actually going to one in person would undoubtedly be the best way
to go about this, but since I have less than a week to do the research in
(due to some slipshod scheduling), I'm trying to find people who'll share
their experience with me.

I'm more specifically interested in :
* theory vs. reality : are these parties as formal as they're described in
HowTo's ?
* discussion topics in these parties
* the identity of the people attending them (I thought they would mostly be
fairly knowlegeable, but I've been told most of the discussions are about
basic security topics)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me on those subjects.

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