problem with sun pgx32 and servmanager

problem with sun pgx32 and servmanager

Post by Luben Petro » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi All,

I nave several sun servers and 3 of them are equipped with Sun PGX32 PCI
graphic cards.
All servers are connected to one BlackBox ServManager and 50f sun coax
but I cant see anything from these with PGX cards.
May be there is a problem with a resolution or with the video frequency
because I receive a message:
"Out of scan range"
The default resolution is 1152x900x66
Do you know what type of resolution and/or video frequency range  I need
to set?
Or any other ideas?



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I have tried different monitors with the same results.

Has anyone run across this problem?  Does anyone have any possible

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Greg Barrett

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