Sendmail Exploits List: Censorship?

Sendmail Exploits List: Censorship?

Post by Algis Rud » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>     * "Re: Dont Know If I posted this *Sendmail Exploits List* -
>       smailhaq.txt [1/1]" - Nathan Lawson

Greetings. For some reason [....], I cannot access the sendmail
exploits list. Listed for me as article

permission denied. As I will be running a Sendmail server in
the near future, could someone kindly indicate where this
document can be found or e-mail me a copy.

        Note: This is not the first time i have not been able
to read articles because of permission denied.....

thank's a lot!

algis rudys
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