Sec. Vulnerability in xlock on VVOS, HP-UX 10.24

Sec. Vulnerability in xlock on VVOS, HP-UX 10.24

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         HEWLETT-PACKARD SECURITY BULLETIN: #00073, 4 November 1997

The information in the following Security Bulletin should be acted upon
as soon as possible.  Hewlett-Packard will not be liable for any
consequences to any customer resulting from customer's failure to fully
implement instructions in this Security Bulletin as soon as possible.

PROBLEM:  Vulnerabilities exist in xlock on VirtualVault 2.0/3.0 if patch
          PHSS_9905 is installed.

PLATFORM: HP9000 Series 700/800s running:
          HP-UX 10.24 (VVOS) with VirtualVault A.02.00 with patch PHSS_9905.
          HP-UX 10.24 (VVOS) with VirtualVault A.03.00 with Extensions
          Software (this includes PHSS_9905)

DAMAGE:   The xlock vulnerability could result in allowing a local user
          to gain unauthorized access to the system.

SOLUTION:  Apply PHSS_12961 to correct the vulnerability.

AVAILABILITY: The patch is available now.

   A. Background
      The xlock program allows a user to "lock" an X terminal while
      maintaining their login session.  A vulnerability exists in xlock
      that could allow a local user to attain unauthorized access to the

   B. Fixing the problem
      This problem can be eliminated by applying the recommended patch.

   C. Recommended solution
      Hewlett-Packard recommends that the PHSS_12961 patch be applied if
      PHSS_9905 has already been installed.  The PHSS_9905 patch is
      included in the Software Extension Media provided with VirtualVault

        These problems only apply to systems running the VirtualVault
        Operating System 10.24 that is part of the VirtualVault product
        A.02.00 and A.03.00.

   D. Impact of the patch
      Applying PHSS_12961 eliminates the vulnerability in the xlock
      program but does not otherwise impact the system.

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